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iLLBiLLY HiTEC is a Berlin based project that mixes reggae and electronics, blending influences of dub, breakbeat, hiphop and jungle. Real drums, electronic sounds, heavy offbeats and live dubbings team up with various MCs, to fuse the raw energy of a traditional band performance with the flow, excitement and hype of a DJ set. Their first EP “BadBoyBass”, a few vinyl releases and growing feedback on their concerts in Europe, Asia and Mexico, made iLLBiLLY HiTEC become the maybe most interesting newcomer of it´s genre.

They´ll be touring with new releases in 2014, having Longfingah and Tribuman (F) on vocals.
























iLLBiLLY HiTEC started in 2008 to explore the possibilities, of using electronic sounds in reggae music.

The release of their first EP “BadBoyBass” in 2010 caused positive feedback from different parts of the world, which really surprised the band. Within the year, remixes of these tunes have been made and released on vinyl. Invitation to shows all over Europe followed. iLLBiLLY HiTEC first time started performing live with different vocalists such as Longfingah (D), Brother Culture (UK) or Zhi MC (D).

After the release of “Keep On Rolling” in 2011, India and Mexico where first countries to tour outside of Europe. By meeting different artist on the road, the idea for a “East To West” riddim selection came up. The aim was to unite friends from all parts of the world, to make their versions on the same song. The project is still running and already includes about 20 different tracks. Slowly but steady, iLLBiLLY HiTECs sound crawled it´s way to the scenes around the globe. With the “Higher Calling Tour” in 2012, the band first time got the chance to play a real Asia tour, including shows in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Vietnam.


Even SEEED, Germanys biggest dancehall act, took recognition of the underdogs and ordered a remix of their current single “Augenbling”.


With the release of their first album “Reggaetronics” in 2013 on Echo Beach, they not only found a great partner for the label work, but also a great collaboration with artist like Dubmatix, Rob Smith or Ce`Cile. The album also opened doors to mayor festivals like Rototom Sunsplash, Fusion Festival, Tauberthal, Big Day Out, Open Flair, Boomtown Fair or Reggae Jam. That year they played about 90 concerts all over Europe with Tribuman (F), Dactah Chando (ES) or Longfingah on vocals.


2014 will be full of new release and a new tour with Longfingah and Tribuman. Both of them left their foot prints in the international reggae scene lately. Longfingah released with Zion Train, Mungos HiFi, Dubmatix or Dreadsquad. Tribuman had countless collaborations with artists like Solo Banton, Earl 16, Speng Bond, Deadly Hunter or Macka B. Even though there are only four musicians on stage, they will present a massive sound and big show.


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